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September 20, 2012 | Uncategorized

In my opinion a gross error where also the Government has played. IT BURDENS OR IT WEIGHS? This clearly reactive DEPRESSION has a easy dating and needs in the time. In principle the depression reactivates is less serious than the endogenous one, inasmuch as it does not respond to constitutional structures of the person, but to conjunctural episodes in its file. It is not, indeed, a depression that demonstrates structurally depressive a continental psychological will. Quite to the contrary, Venezuela is a glad and festive, full of revolt and utopia, with a great creativity when confronting the problems and loaded country of the good humor until the point of knowing how to ***reflx mng itself healthily of itself. One is not either a depression that comes from a multisecular process that could have been eating away the fundamental psychological structures of our Latin American spirit. The Mother country is the one that more strongly feels to itself, the one that more own signals of identity it emits, and all this, to the present time. LONG DEPRESSION OR CUTS? If history is accelerated constantly, today, at time of maximum communication and interchange, we can share and mature quickly (reflection, empathy, reelaboration of bring back to consciousness ) that those that before we processed in several decades or centuries.

Who can deny that this conjuncture can quickly be? By not being, the depression it reactivates frequently sends spontaneously: a day, our body, that already has been obeyed (to the force) in its requirements, reacts, it complies to the new situation and it recovers the lost vital tone. It returns to normality. Even without special therapy: the time all cures. Who will say what cannot be this one the case of the depression in Venezuela? PATHOLOGICAL DEPRESSION OR HEALS? It can seem strange, but it is possible to speak of Healthy Depression. Modern psychotherapeutic studies focus therefore it: the depression would not be more than a psychological process triggered by a reaction of the organism before a situation that to him becomes intolerable and that from its vital instinct tries to block.


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