Iranian Revolutionary Guard

October 15, 2018 | Uncategorized

The indifference of voters may be due to the upcoming election not awakens emotions, since Hilary Clinton takes much advantage to their competitors in the polls, or because the polarization of elections offers more chances than Democrats or Republicans, but perhaps because that there are important issues that must be addressed during the next administration, and none of the candidates seems to have the key to solve them. Some of them are: immigration, deteriorated health system and the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Profile of the bases of the Democrats Democrats do not intend to further alleviating Iraq war spending and the thousands of Americans dead who has provoked this war. But, this is not a simple issue. If a democratic candidate for the Presidency would have to fulfill the wish of their voters, but running the risk of being criticized for letting a country much more chaotic than before the arrival of the American army. Discussions on war and health are the weak point of the Democrats, Since the obvious differences moved to a large portion of undecided to vote for Republicans.

Hilary Clinton: has the support of the most charismatic American political leader, who is her husband, former President Bill Clinton. He wields his project of free healthcare to the 47 million people who don’t have health coverage. In the past, his own law with respect to health was a failure, but said that this new project is more efficient and attacking a similar project of Republicans accusing him that it will not be backed by the Government, but by private companies. A point playing him against Hilary is that at the time he voted, as Senator, in favor of the war in Iraq and a few months ago supported the resolution that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is a terrorist organization. Mostly, the American people don’t want more protracted wars.


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