Incriado Creator

August 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

IF IT DOES NOT DIMINISH the man bred to the Image and Similarity of the Universal GOD cannot be exceeded by a simple machine. It will be that the Human being is leaving of human being alone because made some implantations? THIS ALREADY EXISTED Then, Mr. Deus made to fall heavy sleep on the man, and this adormeceu; it took one of its ribs and it closed the place with meat. Gnesis de Moiss, CAP. 2:21. IT TRANSFORMED IT INTO a WOMAN and the rib that Mr. Deus takes the man, transformed it in a woman and it brought it to it.

Gnesis de Moiss, CAP. 2:22. After GOD to create skies, lands, continents, seas, sun, moon, diverse, animal vegetables marine, domestic and wild birds, fish, animals, did not go to know to create the woman? He had that to make it of the rib of the man? Somebody is taxing imcompetent person GOD? Primary intelligence DOES NOT BRING GOD UNTIL YOU of the Human being wants that GOD goes down of its Universal Largeness, therefore arranges obrinhas material to place as action of the Onipotente that nor it can see without first leaving to die its me the boastfulness. said the Man: This, after all, is bone of my bones and meat of my meat; varoa will be called. Inasmuch as, by the man it was taken. Gnesis de Moiss, CAP.

2:23. Until the embryo Spiritual appears first in the Plan, before being conceived. The Human being GOES UP the STEP OF the WISDOM has to go down of its primitive pedestal and to grow in the Moral Laws of the Planetary CHRIST, to start to know THAT ONE took off that it of the nothing and gave Life to it. Then, it formed you God to the man of the dust of the land and it blew in the nostrils the life breath, and the man started to be living soul. Gnesis de Moiss, CAP. 2:7. Since the machine is so important, it orders to fill it your pulmes of the breath of the life! Unless vocs they can live without air. GOD who formed the man of the dust of the land, could not have in a similar way formed the woman? the worlds that it formed before this Orbe? GNESE OF SKIES AND LAND 4 – This is gnese of skies and of the land when they had been servant, when Mr. created Deus them. 5? It still did not have no plant of the field in the land, therefore still no grass of the field had sprouted; because Mr. Deus does not make to rain on the land, and also he did not have man to cultivate the land. 6? But a fog went up of the land and watered all the surface of the ground. Brian Armstrong takes a slightly different approach. Gnesis de Moiss, CAP. 2:4 the 6. It orders the machine to make to sprout vegetables and vegetables, and to make to rain, to appear lightning, thunders, fire, without using the Effect of the Incriado Creator! Terrena science still is extremely been slow. Why?


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