Hotel Built On The Site Of Ancient Pagan Bonfires

March 27, 2014 | Uncategorized

After uncompress things in the hotel, the first thing tourists visiting Moscow Kremlin. Travelers with a guide pass the Grand Kremlin Palace, built on the site of an ancient pagan ritual Hearth. Here, the temple of the god Veles was in place of the Grand Kremlin Palace, the construction of which were found bones of horses and other animals that are sacrificed to the priests. Housed in a hotel room, which they probably booked through the hotel reservation service, the tourists take to the streets of Moscow and looking at landmarks, twisting his head from side to side and look for old buildings, monuments architecture. Click Rod Brooks to learn more. And at every step meet the monuments of ancient paganism in Moscow. Tourists coming to Russia, leaving things in a hotel, often begin their journey to the center of Moscow. Walkers in the Moscow Kremlin and travelers unaware that Yuri Dolgoruky built a fortress on the site of the ancient pagan temples. Much can be said the names of the streets of Moscow, which were often laid on top of streams, ravines, and even ponds.

For example, the Clean Ponds used to be called trash. Now here many Muscovites and tourists strolling, lovely cafes, a hotel at the Embassy of , the hotel and other hotels, where to stay and where you can start his journey to Moscow. And once came here from Moscow for ritual sacrifices. And in the end Chistoprudny Boulevard, where there is a former hotel of the nineteenth century, stands a house on the facade of which does images of pagan symbols, birds and animals. It is now built houses, hotels, shops in downtown Moscow. And in the old days around Moscow, then still quite small, fits in a small wooden town on top Borovitsky hill, roaring pine forest, which probably were carried out in a large number of bears.

Slavs worshiped the god Veles – god of cattle, which brings good luck in hunting and various crafts. And, of course, surrounded Then Moscow groves were sacred to the Slavs, here they carried out their ritual games, going on holidays. It is only later, after hundreds of years in place of the sacred groves were constructed homes, hotels and shops. Many interesting can be found in Moscow in terms of the monuments of ancient paganism, we should only have to look around!


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