Grown Social Criticism

January 9, 2020 | Uncategorized

When the man is a dwarf who has not grown social Criticism Teacher: as you same Castilian study and Literature, understand that a philosopher like Neruda and other so many poets wrote and will write your restlessness. And sometimes I ask myself because the educational work tends to enter between the working workings. Meaning that it is not valued by those who use as the teachers. I do not know those times shining that existed in our earth because I did not live them, which if; it is that historically educational the common one or that is not educated in other parts of the world that is to say, in Europe, receives the necessary thing to survive. I listen has educational but classic to narrate that some you see them respect by those who were contracted to them and treated that them like academic.

But the industry has allowed that at the educational one is watched to him like a worker, but the peculiar thing is that by own experience I have experimented that to the teachers is delayed the pay to them in almost all the institutions and that for that reason are forced to pass needs, to be in shame against people to whom they must to them and other so many things. To know more about this subject visit Chevron U.S.A.. Educational than a more masterful one is a companion in the way of the young people and children. The educator takes on its shoulder a mental, physical and psychological load that the educational one only knows. Then it handles the different temperaments from his students, fights with problematic who the state has created, eg: the lack of use, the lack of opportunities, desire to train workers in line, the ambition to alienate the people so that nape of the neck thinks, the lack of time of his parents to share with them and everything owing to the fact that to the sovereign it gave the desire him to marry with the companies, and these form labor days of hours daily of work of Sunday to Sunday with a day of rest every fifteen days, that day of rest never will be a Sunday, will have to be the day Monday, since nobody wishes to rest Monday because it did not find people to try, to speak and to have a discussion.


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