External System

December 21, 2016 | Uncategorized

Shared in common efficiency from the administration of the organization. Institutional reorganization and re-sizing. Administration of the change processes. External and internal educative marketing. Ethics in the decisions on the educative community. To elaborate the PEI (Proyecto Institutional Educativo) and to update the educative proposal. Work in equipment and solid communication in good of the new institutional paradigm It does not surprise to us, that one comments, that in this scene, the Educative System simultaneously acquires a critical and strategic value of the quality of its action, update and development of human capacities, depending in great measurement of the definitive access to modernity and the reinforcement of the democracy like life means. So that the Educative System, can play a strategic role, must surpass present restrictions, part of which is in the scope of institutional and its deficiencies in the matter of organization and management. Venezuela requires of a more effective educative management in the education superior and of that form to contribute favorable result for the academic excellence.


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