Dona Mariquita

October 25, 2017 | Uncategorized

In will continue rising? said you that when you least expect it you’d be saying goodbye to the year 2010. As you can see. We are waving to 2011, but you don’t go down the guard. Take advantage of every moment as if it were the last of your life, because really you won’t to live that moment and wailing about the lost time serve as well little. Last year began taking churros at the bar Dona Mariquita and ended up, metaphorically speaking since it was by yesterday morning, on the same site eating churros. Simple summary of the year, but so it was.

Better than 2009, no doubt, but still a period of transition where executed important professional decisions decided upon at the previous year end. What I hope for 2011? Keep walking as decently as possible and to improve on the personal and professional. Yes, the proposal is generic. The concrete will understand to not express it publicly. Burning me not bright inside. Quite the opposite. I regenerated. Last night turned the fire in the fireplace and I burnt part of 2010, as a sign of transformation, that that sad, trasnochado, is ending and something different, new, is going in my life.

While I was looking at the flame and perceived rewarding heat, reflected on the change in my thoughts and opinions in everyday and professional, and I felt better. Ahead a tough year in the economic, political and social, with worrying movements in terms of poverty, insecurity, shadow economy, that they affect walking for those who intend to continue pushing the shoulder legally, whether they are employees or business people. What I can I do? Dream of a situation better and work to make the dream a reality. Anyway, yesterday I received SMS zillions, some came to me very deep. I would delightedly you them but it transgrediria the discretion to which I owe. I leave one, which does not violate that reservation and send it through the blog, as a sign of gratitude for your visits to this virtual site: I do not know if you save in a Bank, because you worth much; or in the fridge, because you’re the milk; or on an island, because you are a treasure. Just wanted to wish you the best for the new year.


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