DEFINITION small, medium and large corporations

August 6, 2012 | Uncategorized

DEFINITION OF SMALL BUSINESS Small business is a separate entity, created to be profitable, which dominates the industry it belongs, whose annual private equity sales value does not exceed a certain threshold and is unsecured loan formed by a number of people that does not exceed a commercial loan certain limit, in addition to aspirations, accomplishments, material goods and technical and financial capabilities, all of which allows you to engage in production, processing and / or provide services to meet specific needs and desires that exist in society “ – 57k DEFINITION OF MEDIAN OCEI enterprises as (Central Bureau of Statistics and Informatics), the median company is one that employs more than 20 to 100 workers. Midsize businesses are divided financing into two “tiers”: the lower layer commercial business loans that includes companies with between 20 and 500 workers, and the upper layer to between 50 and 100. http: / / la Empresa/Mediana empresa/237D4B0DFC8543BA41256B65003BB1C1!opendocument DEFINITION OF MICRO Enterprise is defined as micro or small enterprise to an enterprise that operates a natural or legal person under any finance form sba loan of organization or business management and to develop any activity of production or marketing of goods or provision of services.


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