Cultural Syndrome

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The culture of the fired syndrome: how reassure survivors? The dismissal process occurred in a single day. Each employee was told that he was at his desk at nine in the morning. Those who received a call to the Office of the director at first time were dismissed. Gave them a few envelopes rosa, their respective payment and compensation checks. Then security service agents escorted them to their desks so they pick up their personal belongings. , and then escorted them to the door. More information is housed here: CMO of PEMCO. Other employees were gathered in an Office around eleven o’clock in the morning to discuss their new obligations, since the restructuring was initiated immediately.The rumors the next day were very strong, said that the next group would not receive his full salary and that he had invited some executives who seize this opportunity, because there is no other.

To I forgot I am employee of Apple Computer, one of the companies more innovative in the computing industry.(1997). A company may experience a very low productivity after the reduction of staff., the survivors initially have a very low morale and they suffer from stress. Many will have lost important friends with reduction. Some may experience the same emotions of those who have survived a tragedy. Feelings of guilt: do by that has not happened to my? Fury: is not just anxiety: will I be next?!! To overcome these feelings survivors may try to escape, so the levels of absenteeism, as well as key staff turnover will be working at the competition, is expected. What is required here is to develop programs special.: from informal interviews with the immediate supervisors, one or two days after the reduction. An example: Duracell developed a program for survivors who had two parts: a. provide information often to keep informed to the survivors of the reasons of the reduction and how it occurred.

b offer emotional support to survivors to help them overcome their feelings and continue with his work. Others develop conversations in Group of employees more big, where managers encourage employees communicate to employees which will be your work load in the rear to reduce environment. An example: in Eastman Kodak, the environment back to a reduction of staff became a fertile ground to re-design the daily work… An employee who previously operated a press for 8 hours a day. Now meets with members of your team, meets with suppliers, interview potential workers and helps to perform inventories. Call enrichment of the work. Analyze your working environment and take letters in the matter. Original author and source of the Article


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