Creating Balance

August 24, 2018 | Uncategorized

He does not need to have shame if you not yet know what to make of the life. He has people that she takes years to discover, but you do not need and nor she must wait as much time to discover what she likes. There he goes two tips: *Sabe Theater of the vampires, that music of the URBAN LEGION? It has a stretch that it says thus: I find that I do not know who I am/Alone I know of what not taste. Inspired in it that such you to write in the paper all the professions that you do not like? Thus its list of options goes to diminish considerably. *Faa one second list with those things that give to pleasure in the day the day to you. You adore to talk on cars with its friends? Then, already he thought about the possibility to work with cars? He will be that you would give a good mechanic? You adore to take care of of its new brothers? This can be signal of that you would give a good teacher.

After discovering of what you like, the next step is to start to look job, certain? Made a mistake. Now that you already know of what likes, you are hour to discover if you it takes skill for this thing. Therefore exite a great distance between desire and vocation. It understood the problem? In the theory you to adore a profession. In the practical one, however, it can not serve for you. Therefore it is good for taking well-taken care of when she will be to choose a profession, she stops later not abandoning a job. An important comment: It does not abandon a job without obtaining another one before. Exactly that you are unsatisfied in this job. To make what people like is important. But to have as if to support are more important still.


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