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September 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

Tips and General during the planning and construction of the garden. When building a House, much is planned, tested, compared, and discussed. Understandable after all is usually the largest investment in the life. “Something behind this device, but often to the garden of that later almost as an aside made with” be. This approach has cost many homeowners spending unnecessary time and money. There are a number of legal framework conditions, in particular in the neighbourhood law, want to be respected on the one fact. Alternatively one may in writing agree with the neighbors over some points (Hedges distance, plant spacing, which plants, drainage tubes) this is often the most appropriate, most beautiful and most cost effective way.

This is usually but only more then feasible, and not until then, if both parties just yet about the lawyers communicate with each other when this agreement in advance is made so should the planning in advance rather than find. On the other hand there is a tendency for the unplanned This garden, to put what out here, there is something to planzen. Often, depending on the special offers of the local construction market. After some time but then, one finds that this or that is not useful for various reasons, pulls it out again, planting new etc. And all the time thinking that the garden should be somehow different. To prevent this, you must proceed now didn’t like the project management and set every detail in advance. It’s more basic guidelines in the design of the garden. Since Visual axes in the House construction and horticulture would be to use a: create a direct line from the terrace, to a prominent point in the garden (tree, column).

This has generously and widely even in smaller gardens. These axes can be reached through planting or road construction. Alternatively or in addition is the establishment of different garden spaces available. Also make sure that the garden look bigger and more interesting works. Important here: See to that you can suddenly see anywhere all garden rooms (Privacy). Attention cats: keep in mind that these can be held in to seductive strip of sand from her toilet gear. In addition, the colors set the optical size of a garden. Blue and white his mock the optical depth of the garden. Red and yellow tends to return a rather smaller impression to the eye. But size isn’t everything, colourful, as far as possible all year round the garden should be. Spring tulips and daffodils are offered here in addition to the classic flowering bushes and rhododendrons. For the summer, roses and perennials are the first choice, they can often bloom and are available in various colours. Autumn offers the eye then like Maple drawers and Aster flowers. Winter is still green in such as rhododendrons, cherry Laurel, or boxwood. If the garden planning appears to be too complicated them take tips from experienced hands in the claim. Tell the gardener likes to over their own experiences. Peter Bodecker


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