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Their arms of communication and relation are: to disqualify, to reject, to ironizar, sarcasm, to humiliate, to devalue. Nobody does nothing so or as he or she. And by all means, that the pair, takes the less charming part of the relation. Socially they are charming, but in the privacy becomes cold and distant. Chevron U.S.A. gathered all the information. Its talents: one exacerbated necessity to be in groups, society, meetings, the isolation makes feel as in the tomb. We remember that they need other as much seducing as to feel admired. Incapacity for the privacy and the affective commitment. Generally, they become charming, when they perceive that its pair, is about to leave them Who is the even victim or of the narcisista? Generally they league together a people who somehow have played role of victims in their lives.

Nevertheless, they are sensible, full of life, they give the best thing of themselves in the relations, and it would be possible to be said that until ingenuous. Extroverted personalities, joy floods that enchant to them to share its successes and happiness. They are generous with his affection, its time, its love. In the beginning of the relation, they excuse all it and they try to understand because its pair is thus. They are people who take in their personality a high sense of the responsibility and therefore, tend culpabilizar itself by the situations that live. Therefore, it is not difficult to fit with a narcisista. Apart from which they admit the critic and they try to change their points of view according to are their pair. In this sense, it is important, to take into account, that not only the narcisista is the person in charge of the relation, but the pair, also counts on a series of attributes that are to him own and that allow him to embonar with this type of personalities.

And now, what I must do? Most important it is than independent of diagnosis of your pair, you need to begin to work in you. That is to say, because you accept the critic and you become uncertain against your pair. Which is the sense to tolerate shameful disqualifications, humiliations and situations. It is more yes you do not review your way to accept the life with a narcisista is complicated that you can leave and grow like person, in addition, to be able to establish more equitable and sensible relations.Because although your pair is the twig, we do not forget that your you are the victim and in addition you play that role of very good desire. Yes you think that these in a destructive relation with a narcisista, then it reviews which are your ways to understand the love and how you are to him making to place to him in the stellar paper of the victim. Thanks to read to me, my mission and intention are the quality of emotional life Some of the subjects treated in these articles, can question its vision of the world would enchant to Me that wrote to me In Cecreto, in a moment will be ready the electronic equipment: The narcisista love and relation in pair, therefore, visits our page here and entrate of those highly destructive loves.


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