Chair Professor

September 6, 2017 | Uncategorized

Increasingly convinced us of the need for management to pay more attention to train, train, motivate the human factor so that you can properly perform their functions towards a productivity that guarantees satisfying the demand, that allows to use the talent of this human capital that any company has. Venezuelan companies, especially SMEs have neglected the role of the factor human productivity Pro, very little attention is paid, is wasted his talent, aspect that has definitely careless management, leading it to an organizational climate not requirements demanded by the present. The regard of this, makes a very significant in an article comment the Chair Professor of management of the quality of the specialty program management of the quality and productivity of the Area of postgraduate’s Faces of the University of Carabobo, Chichi Paez, which is necessary and indispensable to those responsible for the management of the human in the companies factor to establish suitable mechanisms which can evaluate the performance of workers, which aims to recognize outstanding performance, where one of the components of this assessment is to enhance competencies made manifest by the members of the informal structure. Although powers that this term is used by the managers of human resources as a new signifier. This term is very ancient, as it has two meanings: behoove and compete, which come from the Latin verb competere, which means go one thing to encounter another, encounter will coincide. While starting from the 15th century, behoove acquires the meaning of belonging to the concern, correspond to. Thus acquires the substantive competence and competent adjective, meaning suitable or appropriate, giving rise to other nouns following: competition, competitor, competition, competitiveness and competitive. These realities determine the term powers increasingly appears more in everyday speech and its use is done with multiple meanings..


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