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These are considered to be high quality garments, which gets relatively high prices, although There are other so-called export quality A or B, which is usually sold in area of West and central Africa. He adds, sernac.cl up before 1975 could not be imported used clothing. With the economic opening of the country, towards the end of the 1980s, American and European clothing began to enter our market to become an interesting alternative for consumers. Its offer represented not only a cheaper option, but it allowed consumers to wear clothes that were only achieved abroad and at a very high price in 1960s. In the first years of the nineties were imported more tons of equivalent new clothes. But within a few years the situation is reversed, among other reasons, by the increase in the purchasing power of the people and the low prices of Chinese clothing. Today, according to information from the Central Bank, the used clothing imports have increased in a 53.22%, between 2003 and 2004.Por fashion or necessity, used clothing has become a good alternative to purchase, especially for most deprived pockets. Suggests that when you buy this type of clothing seconsidere:-the term to demand the right to change depending on each provider.

Don’t forget that you it’s a concession on the part of the company since legally providers are not obligated to do so. Look for them and/or prefer them, because you will have the opportunity to return clothing or footwear, in case of failure or damage.-check the clothing with attention because many times the clothes has failed, apparently imperceptible to our eyes, but notorious just arrived home. -Learn to distinguish the stains. Of fruit almost never leave, the less oil.-eye if she is allergic (or) dust and chemical matapolillas. Clothing that remains stored for long periods may have mites, so it is usually used some kind chemical for its extinction.-Finally, if you are interested in leather or suede clothing, pay special attention because the pelones have no solution.


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