Bigeye Tunas

July 21, 2014 | Uncategorized

After to have enjoyed kindness of the Santa Lucia beach, we recommended to him to continue towards the east. There is a city that we recommended to him visits the Bigeye tunas, capital of the province of equal name, founded on 1796. The distance between Santa Lucia and the Bigeye tunas are of approximately 87 km Except for some small isolate heights and of low height, the province is practically level. Its population is of 527 891 inhabitants. During the passage, if it wishes to visit a small port in the North coast, it can take a deflection and go to the one of Manat, with the precaution of not confusing the town of Manat with the port of equal name. During the trip it will be able to buy fruits. It remembers to consult his map.

This port small and is located in the mouth of the bay of equal name. Here it can visit the house of Barbarito Ten, called the Gold Voice of the Danzn for being the best singer of danzn of Cuba. Here the Festival of Music in its honor is celebrated. The Danzn is one of the traditional rates in Cuban music and it was danced frequently at past times. If it has opportunity, we recommended to him that it hears at least one piece. There are hotels in no Manat.

The bay is of type, that is to say, close stock market in its exit to the ample sea and in its interior. The highway takes that it to the port borders it in its western part, providing a beautiful view to him of the same. To the calculated initial distance it must add 40 km to him of roundtrip if it visits the mentioned port. Of return to the main highway, it can visit the campismo Hill of Caisim, to few km of the highway takes that it to the Bigeye tunas.


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