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The right to initiate the meeting and participate in it. The right to participate in other organs HOA One of the most important tools to ensure the rights of owners of apartment buildings is the right any owner take the initiative to hold a general meeting (Section 2, Art. 45 LC RF).

To do this on the basis of paragraph 4, 5, Art. 45, art. 146 LCD Russian owner just tell the owners of premises in the building of such meeting no later than ten days before the scheduled date. In accordance with paragraph 5 of Article. 146 LCD Russian general meeting of the homeowners’ association is chairman of the board or his deputy. In their absence, the total meeting is a board member of the partnership.

In our opinion, in the absence of a meeting of such persons, or if the meeting is a question of their re-election, a general meeting, as the supreme governing body of collegiate HOA (Section 1, Art. 145 LC RF) may authorize one of the members present to conduct this meeting HOA. In this case, however, the initiator of the meeting should take into account the provisions of 2 of Art. 146 LCD Russia that a general meeting of members of the Association homeowners may not tabled in the questions that were not included in the agenda. In order to establish, implement and improve controls over the activities of control HOA.

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