Atlas Mountains

May 9, 2014 | Uncategorized

Bin the Ouidane also near Beni Mellal, is an excellent place to fish for carp. But Morocco's lakes are filled with dozens of species and offer exceptional scenery. The most common species to be found in Moroccan lakes are pike, roach, black carp, catfish, perch, common carp and eel, and the season traditionally runs from May to June, depending on the species. Also, many fishermen recommend the region near Bab Adrar D'Atlas, which in Berber means "Gateway to the Atlas Mountains, where there are several deep mountain lakes. They can fish for black carp, catfish, perch and trout.

But if you fish in the sea, as there are so many opportunities for fishing in fresh water. Marine fisheries in Morocco, especially along the Atlantic coast, is very rich and varied and will not disappoint. Its coastline is one of the richest in the world with over 430,000 tonnes of fish a year. You can also go fishing deep and easy to organize boat trips from Sakhla in the Sahara and from Mohammedia, near Casablanca, two of the most famous fishing ports of the Atlantic and across the country. Moulay Bousselham, near Kenitra, is also a good choice. Another great place for fishing on the Atlantic coast is the lovely fishing village of Essaouira and the surrounding coastal villages, only 160 km west of Marrakech and about two hours from Bab Adrar D'Atlas. Also here are many good opportunities to enjoy fishing on the beach and boat, and to practice more offshore fishing.


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