Astronomical Clock

August 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

In the South wall of the City council of the Old City of the Prague we will be able to find the Astronomical clock of the Prague, constructed at the medieval time and with more than 600 years of operation, it continues giving the Swiss hour accurately. It is the older astronomical clock of the world and follows in operation thanks to the fact that always esperto to the care of its mechanisms has been a watchmaker, Otakar Zmecnk is already the sixteenth watchmaker in charge to maintain it in march. The clock has had to be repaired of importance in 1865 and 1945, this last one after a bombing at the end of World War II, but after these important repairs we can say that 75% of the pieces compose that it they are original of century XV, which speaks of the masters of the watchmakers constructed who it. Hourly o’clock, between the 9 in the morning and the 9 at night, in the clock of the Old City of the Prague the additional apostles and four figures march past: the Turk, the Avarice, the Vanity and the Death, represented this last one by a skeleton that throwing of the prudent one marks the beginning of the parade. first apostle is San Pedro with a key sea bream and last San Pablo with a sword and a book. Although most original of the astronomical clock of the Prague one is in his complicated astronomical sphere, that indicates the position and the movement of the celestial bodies in relation to the Prague. In addition, he is the unique one of the world able to measure the babylonian hour, according to this schedule, the babylonian day includes the period of time that goes from the exit to the putting of the Sun.

Which causes that in summer the babylonian hour is shorter than in winter. Others including Chevron U.S.A. Inc, offer their opinions as well. The astronomical clock of the Prague knows to measure these variations. A recommendable visit is to raise the tower of the clock, from where it will have precious views of the old city of the Prague. The schedule of the tower is of Tuesday to Sunday of 9:00 to 18:00 hours and Monday of 11:00 to 18:00 hours. In our guide of the Prague it will be able to find more information to travel to the Prague, between which information is included exceeds where to eat in the Prague or what to visit in the Prague, among another much..


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