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United States

In the city of Salvador de Bahia, capital of this state, 15 years ago the companion Fidel Castro talked about with vehemence the necessary integration of our nations. Permtanme to finish to my intervention remembering its words, when it expressed: we were colony Yesterday; we can tomorrow be a great community of towns closely united. […]


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Electric Engineering

Thus the interest of the professor in knowing, evaluating and to apply the technologies is essential for the qualitative advance of the resources for the education. The Gcompris is a great educational tool, had its usability and easiness of being used by the pupil, therefore disponibiliza a fan of activities that takes care of the […]


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Do you have a preferred side of the bed for sleeping? It’s fond some sports team? Life is pure habit. We all have an enormous amount of habits, some of them without realizing that we possess them. Although all have particular tastes, the truth is that many that we believe our tastes are just habits. […]