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The demand was large, the first edition quickly sold out: now there is ‘ India. A guide to the business class’ in the second, updated edition. For the first edition, the Handelsblatt wrote: “buy recommendation. This book is not a travel guide in the classical sense, especially not a business guide, but an open and helpful ramble through the everyday life of the business traveller.” India is the land of contrasts and much is told one before a business trip there: it was the country of the economic miracle, but also the workhouse of the world, the best engineers are trained there, but there are also hundreds of thousands of beggars and slum dwellers. And then you hear again and again that the Indians were completely different and again would be in day-to-day business intercultural difficulties. Uncertainty and a feeling of unease are only understandable. For business travellers it is therefore particularly important, is to this country get acquainted, in advance of their travel with the peculiarities in various situations on the ground to be able to respond appropriately and act.

The observations, experiences, and experience over many years in India of operating practitioners are incorporated into the book. Dr. Johannes Wamser, and Mike Batra, the Managing Director of the consultancy specialising in India, Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH, Peter Surken, former Managing Director of Degussa India, describe the various challenges it is facing as a business traveller during a stay in India and give practical tips to the its management. They contribute even more serious, then again cheerful nature, sometimes also ironically presented, to sharpen the eye for the unexpected and accept also the extraordinary as largely normal. “Frank Elbe, Germany’s Ambassador to India from 1993 to 1997, of the representation of real life” in India done on: therefore I am delighted that not even further the authors treatise on India () high growth “() have written, but brash, fresh and beneficial such situations represent, in which you are sooner or later be reflected as a businessman.” India. A guide to the business-class authors: Peter Surken, Dr.

Johannes Wamser, Mike Batra Publisher: local global, Stuttgart 2, updated version 97 pages ISBN-13: 978-3-9810156-9-0 ISBN 10: 3-9810156-9 2010,-X price: EUR 12.90 profile Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH: WB consults and supports European companies on the way to and in India. The services include market analysis, planning and implementation of market entry and brand positioning actions, company formation, personnel search, sales development as well as administration support, crisis management and support for complex tasks on the ground in India. The references include companies such as Miele, Bollhoff, SieMatic, heritage, Schell, Castle guard, Klaus Union and WISKA. Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH Diana Frank Kortenpfad 4 44787 Bochum 0234 / 640 83 47

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