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Diaz Science

The hipertrofia of the reason, according to Diaz-Rock (2009), generates one accented irracionalismo that provokes the closing of the canals to state the values and emotions, making with that aesthetic manifestations as the dance, the ritual and the art in a generalized manner are moved away from our daily life that more goes being filled […]


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The organic farmer wants such as the data of the questionnaire with the type number 001, then he enters first capture in the first row and the first cell 001. The organic farmer in the next cell can walk with the arrow button. In the column 2, he enters the numbers of gender definitions according […]


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The key words that you chose like his objective words, bear relation to the content from the site and are frequented by the cybernauts? 2. Their objective key words are built-in the title of each important page of their Web site? 3. The map of the site including in the page Web has text connections? […]


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Edir Macedo

Here, in our country, this phenomenon if presents in many distinct cults that follow varied religious principles, ' ' Even though one list of symptoms that they indicate that the person is possessed the Bishop Edir Macedo treated to formulate. This list possesss 10 symptoms as: nervousness, constant migraines, sleeplessness, fear, collapses or attacks, desire […]